Convention 2011

The Maggiore Convention 2001 was concluded with great success based on the concept "a home is a home", which particularly focused on people this year. The huge white cube was the protagonist of the meeting as an image representing the protective place in which everyone must be very comfortable: at home, just as at work, at work, just as at home. The alluring results for 2010 and the new major corporate plans were presented during the day whereas in the evening a great party took place in the gorgeous setting of Spazio '900 of Rome-EUR to which over a thousand people attended, amongst collaborators of the Group and their families. The evening was opened by the international group Modulo Project which gave an innovative and original show that enable their members to rely solely on their bodies to express themselves thereby adapting all expressive forms of music, from house to video dance. After the dance, "Feeding the Fish" took the stage, a small firm specialised in creating and portraying exiting high-level juggling shows. The performance by Dolcenera followed thereafter which literately captivated everyone's attention. A young modern artist whose warm and powerful voice sang the most famous songs, arousing great emotions. After midnight, DJ Brando performed until dawn with music from the 90s and house music for an unforgettable day.