We're always on the move

The various sporting activities of Maggiore Fitness continue unabated. As well as the historic Maggiore Sports Club road racing team, which is already a member of FIDAL, the Athletics Federation, and our high-performance Five-a-Side football team, which since 1992 has been continuously organising or taking part in important events (the Mercedes Tournament and the Jaguar Tournament, which we won in 2005), our highly active beach volleyball team is starting up a mixed inter-company tournament, whilst our in-house basketball team is getting itself up to speed with games between our external network and headquarters teams. From the work challenges our team faces every day with professionalism and determination, to weekly sporting encounters that, more than competitions, are enjoyable opportunities for staying in shape and spending time together.









Pictured: co-workers Gemma Iuliano, Sergio Trevisan, Francesca Mariani, and Simone Carrozzo.