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Feb-2017 - Maggiore announces new partnership with Meridiana

Dec-2015 - Maggiore partners with LaTua!Card and joins the loyalty scheme.

Jul-2015 - New international worldwide network for Maggiore.

Jul-2015 - New Maggiore Club: renting is great, pampering yourself is even better.

Jun-2015 - Expo, Trenitalia and Maggiore launch "Moving Italia"

Feb-2015 - Maggiore apps downloaded more than 40,000 times

Feb-2015 - The Maggiore Group chooses Citroen Berlingo full electric van

Dec-2014 - Big news for Maggiore

Oct-2014 - Maggiore attends TTG Incontri 2014

Sep-2014 - Maggiore in Venice supporting the italian cinema

Jun-2014 - The Maggiore/Trenitalia partnership continues

Jun-2014 - Maggiore and Gambero Rosso, an enticing partnership

Jun-2014 - For AmicoBlu, the Maggiore Group has chosen the reliability of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

May-2014 - New Maggiore Android App

Apr-2014 - Introducing the new on-line personal assistance area

Apr-2014 - Only guaranteed clients for Maggiore

Apr-2014 - Maggiore Speciale Primavera

Mar-2014 - Maggiore teams up with Alitalia and Intesa San Paolo

Jan-2014 - Maggiore extends their business package

Jan-2014 - Maggiore Winter Special

Dec-2013 - Maggiore rewards photographer fans

Oct-2013 - Maggiore supports IncontraDonna Onlus

Sep-2013 - Maggiore autumn weekends are back

Jul-2013 - New IOS App for the Maggiore Group

Jun-2013 - Maggiore will take care of your return to the city

Jun-2013 - The Maggiore "I LIke" Weekends continue on Facebook

Mar-2013 - Maggiore participates in "Viaggiando l'Italia"

Mar-2013 - Maggiore Fast Track for Alitalia customers

Feb-2013 - Maggiore's mobile site kicks off

Jan-2013 - Maggiore Winter Weekend

Dec-2012 - Accessories and supplements €.1 per day

Dec-2012 - Travel Safely

Dec-2012 - Winter tyres for maximum safety

Dec-2012 - More prizes with Maggiore & Live Nation

Nov-2012 - The new Volvo V40, exclusively from Maggiore

Nov-2012 - Final prize giving at Maggiore: the Smart Car won at Bareggio

Nov-2012 - A Fiat 500 for month at just €.500

Oct-2012 - Maggiore at TTG Incontri 2012

Oct-2012 - Great music travels with Maggiore

Oct-2012 - Scrat's treasure has found its winner

Oct-2012 - Maggiore sponsors "Guttuso 1921-2012"

Sep-2012 - Maggiore Autumn Weekend deal

Sep-2012 - Maggiore Full, the car rental without surprises

Sep-2012 - Just a few days left to win a city car

Sep-2012 - With Maggioer, returning home is affordable

Sep-2012 - Rent Maggiore and win an MSC cruise

Jul-2012 - Rent Maggiore and win Scrat's treasure

Jul-2012 - Commercial agreement between Maggiore and Twenthieth Century Fox

Jul-2012 - "Suggest Maggiore and winn Samsung" competition winner

Jun-2012 - Commercial partnership between Maggiore and Caronte & Tourist

Jun-2012 - The Maggiore Group expands its commercial offer

May-2012 - Maggiore & ITI Hotels: a partnership with high added-value

Apr-2012 - Travel with Maggiore and the great music of Live Nation

Apr-2012 - Meeting at the AIDAF observatory Family business in Italy

Mar-2012 - Maggiore Full, the all inclusive deal

Feb-2012 - Maggiore sponsors Luiss on the road

Feb-2012 - Commercial partnership between Maggiore and Gruppo Bipiemme

Jan-2012 - More prizes for Maggiore

Dec-2011 - Alitalia and Maggiore: an exclusive, worldwide partnership

Nov-2011 - Trenitalia and Maggiore Go Eco-Friendly

Sep-2011 - Maggiore supports a Telethon research project

Sep-2011 - Maggiore Fitness: keeo fit by staying at work

Jun-2011 - Maggiore for Gay Village

Jun-2011 - Maggiore invoice now is on-line, ready to be collected at the desk

Mar-2011 - 8th of Marc social solidarity special

Sep-2010 - Press release Maggiore-Freccia Rosa