+ unlimited mileage
-50% on the theft damage surcharge


Get this amazing weekend car rental deal with Maggiore at just 41,00 Euro.

From August 20 to 28 September, rent a car for 2, 3 or 4 days at an incredible rate with unlimited mileage and a 50% discount on the theft and damage surcharge.

Book online, and at just € 41,00 you can rent the car of your choice, with unlimited mileage and theft and damage coverage.

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This offer is valid for bookings made through Maggiore agencies in Italy for car rentals from 20 August to 28 September.

This special offer is applicable to rentals for a minimum of 2 days and no more than 4 days. For 2-day rentals, pick up is not allowed on Thursdays and Sundays. For 3-day rentals, pick up is not allowed on Sundays. For 4-day rentals, pick up is not allowed on Saturdays and Sundays.

The rate includes: CDW (limitation of liability for damage) - TP (limitation of liability for theft) - OAM (road taxes) - ROA (airport taxes) - ROF (railway taxes) CAF (administrative cost for billing) - VAT.

The deal is applicable to car groups A-B-C-D-E-F-O-K. The rate indicated applies to prepaid car rentals of a group A car for a 2-day weekend.

This promotional offer is subject to cancellation and availability of vehicles.