Bees are life

The path of biodiversity

Are you ready, get set, go! Are you ready to fasten your seat belts for a new environmental sustainability project by Maggiore and Lifegate?

This time we are following the path of biodiversity, with a project to protect and encourage the presence of bees in the city.

We are all aware of the importance of bees, that they are essential to the balance of the ecosystem and pollinate 75% of the plants we use to nourish ourselves. Bees are unfortunately in danger of extinction, above all due to global deforestation, the uncontrolled use of pesticides and changes of the soil.

That is why Maggiore and Lifegate have introduced their “Bees are Life" project, where you rent a car knowing that you helping to protect these human-friendly insects.

Maggiore’s goal is to protect 500,000* bees: only for this month, you can help to adopt 100 bees by renting any car on Maggiore’s website.

But that's not all: when you book an electric car (category E, when available), to reward your ecological choice, Maggiore doubles the value of your rental, and helps you adopt approximately 200 bees. What’s more, from 21st March to 21st April, with the “The flower month” project, you won’t have to use this particular page to book a car, but can simply click on any banner on this website.

This ambitious plan is the result of Maggiore's support to LifeGate's Bee My Future project, for the adoption of bees according to bio methods guaranteed by a network of expert beekeepers, in areas uncontaminated by pesticides, just a few kilometres from the two cities.

Each hive will be the home of 50,000 bees whose health will kept under control by biomonitoring systems using the non-invasive technological systems of Melixa System. The hives will be just a few kilometres from Rome and Milan, thanks to the project partners, Associazione Buono in Rome and the Association of bee producers in the province of Milan.

For the bees of Milan and Rome, spring 2023 is going to be truly advantageous season!


Don't wait to book, beeMaggiore!

*estimated quantification of the bee population in 10 hives in spring/summer