ThirtySixtyNinety Plus

Maggiore's monthly rental deal


If you need a car for an extended period, choose Maggiore’s monthly rental deal, with the same serenity as always, but at a smaller price than ever!

Would you like an example? If you rent a Fiat Panda for 30 days, it will now cost you just 26 euro per day.

Then, what are you waiting for? Book now and set off with no worries, because road tax, insurance, maintenance, overhaul and all the burdens that come with owning a car will no longer concern you. Search the large fleet of Maggiore cars for the vehicle that best suits your needs and choose to set off with the ThirtySixtyNinety Plus option. The SKO supplement is included in the price and this reduces or eliminates your collision damage fee, all this at a price never seen before!

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This offer is valid in Italy until 31/01/2018, for rentals of a minimum of 28 and a maximum of 90 days.
The rate is Pay On Arrival with limited mileage (150 km per day/4500 km per month).
The price includes: VAT, CDW (collision damage waiver) - TP (theft protection) - OAM (road taxes) - ROA (airport taxes) - ROF (railway fees) - SKO (total/partial collision damage waiver) - CAF (invoicing charges). 
This promotion is subject to withdrawal and vehicle availability.