Quality system

Since 1998, Maggiore is certified by CERSA, a body accredited by ACCREDIA.
The certification attests that an organisation has set up, implemented, and constantly updates a quality management system compliant with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.


Subjects permitted to issue this certification are approved (accredited) as part of an international system (IAF) that gives the certification international validity. In Italy, subjects qualified to operate in the IAF system are accredited by ACCREDIA.


In this specific case CERSA has responsibility for verifying that Maggiore is aware of and has the ability to manage all regulatory aspects relating to its quality management system, i.e. all organisational structures, responsibilities, procedures, processes, and human and material resources, put in place to implement and manage quality.


The certification process leads to a rationalisation of organisational processes that makes it possible to improve and raise the level of efficiency. Quality in fact minmizes efforts, risks, and costs and increases knowledge; the company acquires greater credibility, increases its competitiveness, and guarantees customer expectations and satisfaction.


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