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Do you, like us, feel you are a supporter of "Made in Italy"?

Demonstrate it now by joining the world of Maggiore!
We're always looking for new talents who have the motivation to take a career path that's full of opportunities and stimulation.
Becoming an affiliate or franchisee means you can operate autonomously but never be left alone, because Maggiore provides you with all the tools you'll need to start your new business.


Who can join?

Our ideal candidate already runs a car rental business at the local or regional level, and now needs to gain a bigger market share by being able to access a network of offices throughout Italy.


In general terms, the profile of the people we seek can be summed up as:

  • commercial skills;
  • knowledge of the local economy;
  • a good ability to deal with the general public;
  • always glad to serve and satisfy customers.


How to join the network, and the investment required

To join the world of Maggiore, you will be asked to sign a franchise agreement that includes:

  • a fee giving you access to the system;
  • royalties for the fleet of vehicles you own;
  • an annual contribution for local advertising.

We also need you to have the availability of at least 20 square metres of sales space which we will ask you to fit out in accordance with our corporate identity standards. We advise you to adopt extended service hours, to ensure that your service is available to all local and national customers. Affiliation takes place quickly and integrates you into the network of Maggiore offices, with a widespread presence throughout Italy, ensuring that as a new entrepreneur you will be able to market a service of high commercial value qualifications required: A DIA (Commencement of Business Declaration) for self-drive vehicle hire.

Legal format: running a rental office does not require any specific legal format, provided the franchisee meets the requirements of good business conduct.


- The brand
The affiliate who sets up a Maggiore franchise office is starting a business of their own, making use of a well-known established brand that has been in the market for more than 65 years. This not only reduces the initial business risk, but also brings a number of advantages in terms of visibility, image, and reputation.

- Fleet management
The Maggiore Control and Commercial Fleet Departments optimise the use of the vehicles at the franchisee's office, managing availability and range as well as offering management advice. All to increase the franchisee's productivity and income.

- IT systems
Maggiore provides the franchisee with advanced IT systems for managing vehicle bookings, accounting, and administration.

- Training
Maggiore offers free courses of training, retraining, and on-the-job training for sales staff.

- Commercial support

For local and national advertising, and for marketing their services to firms in their local market, the affiliate can make use of continuous, valuable support from our commercial department.


- Customer assistance and services

The affiliate will be able to offer their customers a 24/7 network of roadside assistance and support, solutions for renting outside Italy, and a call centre connected to the most widely used national and international booking channels such as travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, port and railway companies.


Franchising Office addresses
Fax 06/22935608


For further information on Maggiore Franchising, complete the form and fax it to 06/22935608

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