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Hire Car Naples Train Station

With its legends, nature and volcanoes, you’ll never get tired of Naples. It’s a city that never sleeps and pulsates with colors, voices, aromas and light. With your car hired at Maggiore office in Naples central station, you can travel around the whole city and yet never see all of it.

You can visit the historic center with its piazzas, churches and historic buildings - there’s a surprise on every corner. Naples has been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Take a stroll around the Bay, which is dominated by Vesuvius wherever you look, and admire its stunning beauty. Or visit the district of Spaccanapoli, full of historic monuments including the Duomo, where you can visit the museum of San Gennaro and be enthralled by its treasures and sacred relics. Between one visit and the next, why not try some of the culinary delights of Naples such as the real pizza margherita (which was created here, in honor of Queen Margaret of Savoy, using the white, red and green of the Italian flag).

The area around Naples is equally captivating, and with your rented car you can easily get to Ercolano and Pompei, the two cities buried by the eruptions of Vesuvius in 79 AD, which are 11 and 25 km from Naples central station.

Why not visit the lunar landscape of the Phlegrean Fields, around 20 km from Naples, where the earth burns with craters and hot springs. Nearby there is the town of Cuma, which is the oldest Greek settlement in Italy after Phitecusa on the island of Ischia. And if you can’t resist the lure of Nature, don’t miss the Astroni Crater, close to Pozzuoli: it’s a magnificent WWF reserve where you can admire a huge variety of local flora and fauna. Driving your Maggiore rental car, you can travel as far as the Amalfi and Sorrento coast, and admire the picturesque villages such as Positano, perching on the rock overhanging the sea.

Naples can lay claim to an unusual record: it was the first city in the world to offer a university course in Economics: the chair of Commerce and Mechanics was founded by Antonio Genovesi in 1754 at the University Federico II.

On the Naples ring road and on the A3 (between Naples, Pompei and Salerno), there are toll points where drivers have to pay a fixed charge regardless of the distance travelled. The toll is paid on entry (for the A3) or at the exit (for the ring road). Ask more information about it when you rent a car in our Maggiore office at Naples central station.