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Hire Car Rome Prati

Visiting the Eternal City? Rome is a bustling metropolis with a thousand different faces: firstly, it’s the city of the ancient Romans, with a unique legacy of Baroque art. It’s also the city of Christianity, with churches on every corner, it’s the city of the Dolce Vita, awake 24 hours a day ... And so much more.

With a Maggiore hire car you can easily get from one end of the city to the other and visit its theatres, stadiums, parks, local markets and other happening places. You can’t say you’ve been to Rome if you haven’t visited the Colosseum and the masterpieces of the great 17th-century maestros. But today, seeing Rome also means taking in a rock concert, going to Porta Portese on a Sunday morning or doing a spot of shopping in the city centre boutiques.

By hiring a car from Maggiore, you’ll also be able to visit some of the archaeological sites outside the city. One example is Ostia Antica, just a 30 minute drive from Rome. Walking through its narrow streets is like taking a trip back in time: you can visit the barracks, Neptune’s baths with its magnificent mosaics, and a theatre that is still used today for ancient and modern performances. Or why not visit Via Appia, the Roman road that linked Ancient Rome with Brindisi, and imagine it in its heyday, at its busiest: it was the setting for major historical episodes such as the battle between the Horatii and Curatii, the funeral of Scipio Africanus, Hannibal’s ominous march with a 2,000-strong cavalry, the returning journeys of the vanquishing generals, the arrival of Paul as a prisoner, the escape and then the return of St Peter.

You’ll also get to know Rome through its food: just sit down at a typical trattoria or take your Maggiore hire car to the famous fraschette in the Castelli Romani area, to discover culinary delights such as a smoking hot dish of traditional tonnarelli with cacio cheese and black pepper.

Nature enthusiast? Around Rome you’ll find the sea, lakes, mountains and countryside. All you have to do is choose, at the wheel of your Maggiore hire car.

At the end of your trip, don’t forget the tradition that means you’ll come back to Rome one day! Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain: turn your back on the Fountain, close your eyes and throw the coin in with your right hand, over your left shoulder.