Lazio Car Rental

Lazio is home to the Italian capital and to the small enclave of Vatican City. It is a land of great charm and mystery, often not explored as much as it deserves to be.

In many cases “overshadowed” by the grandeur of Rome, the artistic, scenic and archae-ological beauties of the region are numerous and range from the most famous cities of art to hidden villages, from archaeological sites to fascinating places of worship, not forget-ting of course the sea, which has always been an important resource of the region.

Lazio not only offers art and history, but also tasty and delicious food with dishes known all over the world, and deep-rooted folk traditions, which are expressed today by craft fairs and food festivals scattered throughout the territory.

The cities of Lazio where you can find Maggiore car rental locations

What to see in Lazio: a tour of its cities

Since there are so many places to visit in Lazio, a car is the best way for you to discover them all.

In fact, with a rental car you can “build” your own itinerary, and also have the freedom to include stops along the way without having to completely replan your trip.

To rent a car in Lazio, you can contact Maggiore, which has several offices in the region, not only in Rome but also in other important cities such as Cassino, Civitavecchia, Fiumicino, Ferentino, Pomezia and Viterbo.

Choosing Maggiore means choosing the experience and reliability of a company that has always put the needs of customers first.

The safety of the travellers is in fact Maggiore’s priority, which is why all our vehicles are scrupulously checked and sanitised before delivery.

Once you have rented your car, for example in Rome Fiumicino airport, you can begin your tour of the region in the capital Rome, the “Eternal City”, where its glorious past can be felt in every street.

It is impossible to list all the places to see in Rome, but make sure your tour includes a visit to the Colosseum, the symbol of the city, the Roman Forum with its ancient ruins, the Palatine Hill, where according to myth Romulus and Remus founded the city, the Pantheon and the famous Trevi Fountain, where you can throw a coin and make a wish.

Take the A24 motorway and in about 40 minutes you can reach Tivoli, a town with an ancient history perched on the slopes of the Monti Tiburtini which contains treasures of rare beauty such as the magnificent Villa d’Este, a UNESCO Heritage Site, the historically significant Villa Gregoriana, and Rocca Pia, built at the behest of Pope Pius II.

Heading south you will reach Velletri, between the Alban Hills and Agro Pontino, a city whose magnificent monuments will captivate you, such as the Torre del Trivio built in 1353 and the Cathedral of San Clemente, which houses the precious icon of the Ma-donna delle Grazie.

When you reach Velletri, you can take a tour of the Castelli Romani, a group of towns in the Alban Hills that will surprise you with their historical, naturalistic and gastronomic riches.

Then you can stop in Ariccia, famous not only for the Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Galloro and the monumental Chigi complex, but also for the production of the delicious porchetta (roast suckling pig), or you can stop in Castel Gandolfo, the summer residence of the Popes, or in Frascati and visit the 12 Tuscolane Villas, built by the papal nobility.

From Frascati you can head north to Viterbo, the “City of the Popes”, which is home to the Sacred Wood of Bomarzo, and also boasts the record for having the largest medieval town centre in Europe, or you can head to Bracciano, a characteristic village of the Tuscia Romana where, after visiting the historic centre, you can enjoy a few hours of re-laxation on the lake of the same name, one of the largest volcanic lakes in Italy.

Other places to see in Lazio include Civitavecchia with its Forte Michelangelo and the Terme Taurine, Frosinone, with its beautiful Palazzo della Provincia and Roman Amphi-theatre, Latina, with its rationalist architecture, and Rieti, “umbilicus Italiae” (Navel of Ita-ly), with its beautiful Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and fascinating Flavio Vespasi-ano Theatre.


Towns and villages to visit in Lazio

In addition to the capital and its most famous cities, Lazio also hides many small villages and towns that deserve to be discovered.

With a rental car you can easily travel the length and breadth of the region and have the opportunity to get to know these little gems.

Among the villages in Lazio that are a must-see are Alatri, in the heart of the Ciociaria region, a city that cleverly mixes archaic and medieval monuments and whose strong point is the Acropolis of the Civita, Cervara, a medieval village perched on the Simbruini Mountains, known as the “village of artists” as it has been the destination of important art-ists since the 19th century, Arsoli, where you can follow the famous itinerary of “Il pozzo del Diavolo” (The Devil’s Well), and Civita di Bagnoreggio, a village situated on a hill with a panoramic view of Montione and the Cavone Grande.

Your tour of the region’s must-see villages is not complete without visiting Norba, an ancient lost city in the Lepini Mountains, Ferentino, a village rich in archaeological finds including the Cyclopean Walls, and Rocca di Papa in the Castelli Romani National Park, which offers a wide variety of attractions, from Roman to medieval remains.

Finally, if you want to immerse yourself in nature, then don’t miss a visit to the Giardino di Ninfa, an English-style garden in Cisterna di Latina, the Regional Park of Monti Sim-bruini and the Waterfalls of Monte Gelato in the Valle de Treja, which are so picturesque that they have been chosen as sets for numerous films.

There are many more towns, natural treasures and villages to visit in Lazio, and with a driving holiday you will be able to see them all!