Car Rental into the magic Basilicata

The hidden pearl of Southern Italy, Basilicata or Lucania is a multi-faceted region that offers visitors unspoiled nature and an important historical and artistic heritage, testimony to the confluence in this land of different populations throughout the centuries.

Travelling in Basilicata by car means exploring little known places, off the beaten track, which will allow you to appreciate the authentic essence of this region, still unknown in many ways.

In fact, there are many places to visit and the most unexpected surprises come from the hinterland, where semi-deserted areas and lunar landscapes alternate with natural beauties such as the Lucanian Dolomites and the Pollino Park.

The cities of Basilicata where you can find Maggiore car rental locations

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Road Trip in Basilicata, what to visit

By renting a car from the Maggiore Office in Lauria-Potenza, you can take a truly unique tour of Basilicata, stopping off in little-known places, such as small villages, hidden castles and archaeological sites of rare beauty.

Travelling with Maggiore is the perfect choice for a carefree and relaxing holiday in complete safety. All of our rental cars are in perfect mechanical condition and exceptionally clean and sanitised.

One of the first places worth visiting in Lucania is the magnificent Pollino National Park, the largest national park in Italy and a UNESCO Site.

The park takes its name from the mountain massif of the same name. It includes 24 municipalities in Basilicata and has many unique and rare species of flora and fauna.

When visiting the Pollino Park, in addition to admiring its natural beauty, it is also worth stopping at some of its picturesque municipalities, such as the beautiful medieval village of Rotonda, with its 16th-century Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Consolazione, Viaggianello and the remains of the feudal Castle of Sanseverino Bisignano, where Frederick II also lived, and San Severino Lucano, home to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Pollino, an important place of worship.

After leaving the park, you can take the car and drive to Craco, a ghost town abandoned in the 1960s, which fascinates visitors with its aura of mystery. You can then head to Venosa, a village known not only for being the birthplace of Horace, but also for housing treasures of incomparable beauty, such as the Jewish necropolis, the Aragonese Castle and the Holy Trinity Complex.

You can continue your holiday in the region by taking a dip into the past and visiting one of the most important polis of the Magna Graecia, Metaponto, where you can admire archaeological treasures such as the Temple of Hera, as well as the magnificent villa of director Francis Ford Coppola, whose paternal grandfather was born here.

About a 40-minute drive away is one of Basilicata’s most fascinating destinations: Matera and its famous Sassi (grottoes carved out of rock), a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Among the tiny streets, stairways and small dwellings leaning against each other, you will find unique architectural gems such as the 13th century Cathedral, the Church of San Pietro Caveoso built in 1218, Palazzo Lanfranchi, now the site of the National Museum of medieval and modern art of Basilicata, and the Tramontano Castle, built from 1501 and located on the Lapillo hill, in a dominant position overlooking the historical centre of Matera.

Your rental car will allow you to easily move from Matera to the Ionian coast, and to Policoro, in the centre of the Metaponto plain.

Here you can enjoy not only the beauty of the sea and white beaches, but also be captivated by the charm of unspoiled nature, such as that offered by the magnificent Bosco del Pantano, a WWF protected oasis, and a sacred forest whose unique charm was already a stop for foreign poets and writers visiting Italy on the Grand Tour.


Other things to see in Lucania

Other places of interest include the beautiful “Carlo Levi” Literary Park in Aliano, the Palaeolithic Park in Atella, which bears witness to human settlements dating back 600,000 years, and Maratea with its beach, the only town in Basilicata overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, whose historical and natural attractions such as Palazzo De Lieto and the Grotta delle Meraviglie will captivate you.

Renting a car in Basilicata is therefore the best solution for those who really want to discover every inch of this enchanting region, and who want to travel to unexplored places in search of different experiences and sensations.