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The most frequently asked questions about rental

To view the full list of all Maggiore locations, containing addresses and contact details, click here.

If you have already rented and need the telephone number of the location where you booked, you can find it on the "Rental Agreement" given when you collected the vehicle.

The minimum age required for a driver to rent a vehicle is usually 25, but Maggiore offers the possibility, even for drivers under the age of 25, to renta a car with the Young Driver supplement.

In particular:

  • If you are between 19 and 20 years old you can book car groups A, B, E at the additional cost indicated in the Rental Rate List.
  • If you are between 21 and 24 years old you can book any car group at the additional cost indicated in the Rental Rate List.

There are no maximum age limits, as long as the customer is in possession of a valid driving license.


Always view our terms and conditions for more information.

  • How can I recover the invoice?

To view/print an invoice copy, click here.


  • Can I receive the invoice via email?

Yes it is possible. You will need to tell us your email address or mobile telephone number when you sign the rental agreement, so our agency can send you the invoice directly, or a link to download it from our site by View and print an invoice.


  • If the invoice header is incorrect, how can I correct it?

To request a change of invoice header, click here, or go to the Online Assistance section where you will find the menu item dedicated to the invoice.

Then fill in all the fields following the instructions.


  • Invoice not yet received: can I find out the amount?

Yes. To find out the amount click here.

Yes, it is possible by contacting the rental agency in advance to inform them of the delay.

If it's not possible to communicate this to the agency, we will extend your contract for an additional fee.


View our terms and conditions for more information.

Yes, the customer is authorised to take the vehicle to all the countries mentioned on the front of the Rental Agreement.

To view the list of countries in which you are allowed to drive the rental vehicle, view the country conditions.

You are reminded that all rental companies are exempt from the obligation to provide the original registration booklet with the vehicle and that an authenticated copy is sufficient.

It is however always advisable for the driver to inform the office where they collect the vehicle that they intend to travel to another country.

Our replacement vehicle service is not available outside Italy for commercial vehicles.


View our terms and conditions for more information.

Yes, a credit card is required as security for your rental, so please remember to bring it when you pick up your vehicle.

Remember: the card must be held in the name of the person who signs the rental agreement.


View our terms and conditions for more information.

No. The cost of vehichle renting does not include fuel.

We will ensure that the vehicle already has a full tank at the time of collect and we invite you to return it with the same fuel level.

If it is not possible to refuel the vehicle before returning it, this is not a problem. We will take care of refueling the vehicle by applying a supplement as provided in the General Conditions, in addition to the cost of the missing fuel.


View our terms and conditions for more information.