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Maggiore Rent Car Rental

Since 1947, Maggiore has been a leading company in the car rental indusrty, providing high quality services throughout Italy. With agencies present in the main airports, railway stations, cities and Italian tourist destinations, Maggiore is the ideal choice for your trip, for pleasure or work. With over 150 car rental agencies throughout Italy, you can easily find a Maggiore location near you, wherever you are, offering both convenience and competitive prices.

Our fleet includes a wide range of vehicles suitable for every need.. From compact cars and SUVs to 7- or 9seater minivans, to sedans and station wagons, Maggiore Rent has the perfect vehicle for you. Moreover, through the "Select" program, you could choose a specific car to rent. This allows you to further personalize your rental experience, ensuring you get to drive the exact car you want. Maggiore is also strongly committed to sustainable mobility and offers 100% electric eco-friendly cars, which allow you to travel in a green and eco-conscious friendly way, helping to reduce emissions and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

To make the rental experience even easier, Maggiore offers the online check-in service via Maggiore Quick Pass, to prepare your rental contract in advance and saving time when picking up the vehicle at the agency. Maggiore understands the importance of flexibility and offers free cancellation on all rentals, giving you the possibility to change your plans at no additional cost.

Choose Maggiore for your next car rental in Italy and enjoy high quality service, convenience and a wide choice of vehicles suited to your needs.