Cosenza Car Rental from the Airport and the station

Founded by the Bruzi in the 4th century BC, Cosenza will captivate you with its strong cultural and social values.

Rich in art and history, Cosenza is often called the “Italian Athens” and its highly diverse territory offers visitors many trip ideas.

Situated on seven hills (Pancrazio, Torrevetere, Guarassano, Triglio, Venneri, Gramazio and Mussano), the city is bordered to the south by the Pollino massif, and is washed by the Ionian Sea to the east and by the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west.

The heart of the city is Cosenza Vecchia, the old town centre, characterised by a maze of alleyways lined with stately palazzos and ancient churches, evidence of its glorious past.

What to see in Cosenza: the historic centre

The best way to visit Cosenza and its surrounding areas is by car, which allows you to explore not only the city but also the surrounding attractions.

To rent a car in Cosenza you can head to the Maggiore office located near the central train station. From here, you can set off to discover the capital of Calabria.

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Among the things to see in this wonderful city are the Duomo dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta and built in 1222 in Gothic style, the Church of San Domenico, built in the 15th century and subsequently remodelled, and the Convent of San Francesco di Paola, built in the 16th century near the monastery of the Minimi.

Alongside the religious architecture, Cosenza also has many museums.

Of particular interest is the MAB (Museo all’Aperto Bilotti), an open-air museum exhibiting important works of art, such as Salvador Dalì’s “Saint George and the Dragon” and Giorgio De Chirico’s “Hector and Andromache” donated to the city by Carlo Bilotti.

Also worth visiting are the National Gallery, housed in Palazzo Arnone, with its fine collection of paintings from the 16th century onwards, the Museum of Arts and Crafts (MAM) dedicated to popular artisan culture, and the National Library, below which are the remains of the Bruzi metropolis.

Leaving the historic centre, a rental car will take you to the Norman-Swabian Castle of Cosenza, located on the Pancrazio hills at 383 metres above sea level.

The castle was probably built on the ruins of an ancient Rocca Bretia and later enlarged first by the Swabians and then by the Angevins and Aragonese.

The list of things to do in the city must also include a visit to two other famous attractions: Villa Vecchia and Villa Rendano.

The first is a large garden of about 30,000 square metres on several levels, rich in tree species such as holm oaks, plane trees, poplars and horse chestnuts, while the second is a beautiful building built in 1897 by the musician Alfonso Rendano and today managed by a foundation that organises events and exhibitions.

Finally, for a complete tour of Cosenza, be sure to take a stroll down Corso Telesio and stop for a coffee and piece of “varchiglia alla monacale” at Gran Caffè Renzelli, one of Italy’s 100 historic cafes.


What to see in and around Cosenza

With a rental car in Cosenza you can also visit the area surrounding the city, which will hold many surprises in store for you.

About 40 minutes by car from Cosenza is Paola, an important centre for religious tourism and the birthplace of St Francis of Paola, to whom the city’s sanctuary is dedicated.

Alternatively, you could visit the beautiful villages of Altomonte, one of Italy’s Most Beautiful Villages, Civita, known for its magnificent landscapes, and Morano Calabro, awarded the Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club.

A tour near this beautiful provincial capital must also include Sibari, where not only can you swim in the crystal clear sea, but also visit places of great interest such as the Archaeological Park of ancient Sybaris, and Cerchiara di Calabria, a village located 650 metres above sea level called “Città del Pane” (City of Bread).

Opting to rent a car in Cosenza will allow you to have a fantastic holiday, discovering not only the beautiful sights of the city but also the nearby attractions.