Frosinone Car Rental

Situated on a hill overlooking the Sacco Valley, Frosinone is located in Lazio and is generally regarded as the capital of Ciociaria, a group of territories located south-east of Rome.

With its long and rich history, Frosinone has been both a Volscian city with the name of Frusna, and a Roman city with the name of Frùsino.

Over the centuries it has suffered lootings and earthquakes, however these events have not prevented it from preserving evidence of its past, as can be seen from the numerous artefacts housed in the city’s Archaeological Museum.

Whilst a visit to Frosinone will allow you to admire a truly unique historical and artistic heritage, the surrounding villages will provide you with just as many surprises, since Ciociaria is a land of art, culture and excellent cuisine.

List of Locations Frosinone

Tour of Frosinone: churches and palazzos of the historic centre

To fully enjoy the beauty of Frosinone and its surrounding areas, a car is definitely the ideal choice because it will allow you to move around in total freedom and to travel safely and comfortably even with children.

To rent a vehicle in the province of Frosinone, you can go to the Maggiore offices located in Ferentino, just 10 km from the city, and in Cassino.

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Your road tour can start from the centre of Frosinone with a visit to the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Neve, the site of the miracle the “Sweating of the Madonna”, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta with its magnificent 68-metre-high bell tower (Jò Campanile), and the Abbey Church of San Benedetto, built in 1134 and also considered to be the city’s oldest art gallery.

Among the things to see in Frosinone are the many architectural treasures such as the prestigious Palazzo della Provincia, in neoclassical style, which houses important works of art, including paintings by Renato Guttuso and Umberto Mastroianni, and Palazzo Tiravanti, which houses the Museum of Contemporary Art. If you love history, then you cannot miss the remains of the Roman Amphitheatre and the Tomb of Sant’Angelo, a 2nd century funerary monument.

The city also has lots of beautiful green areas, so if you want to immerse yourself in nature, go to the Municipal Villa “Contessa De Matthaeis”, the city’s largest park, or the Parco delle Colline, which also has an archaeological area for children or the small lake at Laniano, where you can enjoy a few hours of relaxation.

After visiting the most beautiful places in Frosinone, you can recharge your batteries by savouring some of the best dishes of Ciociara cuisine: try “sagne e fagioli” (pasta and beans), “abbacchio allo scottadito” (lamb chops) and “ciambelle al vino” (wine cookies).


Around Frosinone: discovering the villages of Ciociaria

With a rental car from the city centre you can easily explore the Ciociaria region, a wonderful land that contains villages of incomparable beauty surrounded by green hills.

Some places to visit near Frosinone are Alatri, a magnificent village in the heart of Ciociaria, also known as the “City of the Cyclops” due to the presence of the Acropolis of Civita, the symbol of the megalithic cities of Lazio, and Anagni, the “City of Popes”, where you can visit the city’s cathedral housing the famous “Sistine Chapel of the Middle Ages”.

Take the Via Casilina road and in about half an hour you will reach Fumone, a village where time seems to stand still, with its beautiful centre built entirely of stone and dominated by the Rocca, famous for having held captive Pope Celestine V. Another 18km drive will take you to Veroli, a village 600 metres above sea level and known mainly for the Fasti Verulani, an ancient Roman calendar preserved in the courtyard of Casa Reali.


What else is there to see near Frosinone?

Definitely worth seeing is Montecassino, with its famous Benedictine Abbey, founded in 529 AD and now a destination for pilgrims from all over the world, Ferentino, an ancient village founded 300 years before Rome, Isola di Liri, a truly unique village since its centre is crossed by a waterfall, and the medieval village of Boville, known for the beautiful mosaic by Giotto kept in the Church of San Pietro Ispano.

Finally, if you need to relax after touring the villages and towns, take the SR155 road from Boville Ernica and head for Fiuggi, where an ancient thermal complex awaits you (Fonte di Bonifacio and Fonte Anticolana), whose curative properties of its waters have been known since Roman times.

There are many other things to see in and around Frosinone and by choosing to drive around the province you can build your own itinerary and experience a holiday that is sure to be unforgettable.