Brindisi Car Rental

Brindisi is one of the most famous cities in Salento. Its history is linked to that of its natural harbour, one of the most important in the Adriatic, and a central junction between the West and the East.

Also known as the “Gateway to the East”, Brindisi derives its name from the Messapian word “Brention”, meaning “deer’s head” to indicate the particular shape of the natural inlet on which it stands.

Rich in art and history, the Apulian city and its beautiful surroundings are waiting to be discovered, and are the ideal destination for families, couples and groups of friends.

A car is the best way to visit Brindisi and the surrounding villages, because if you are staying in the city a rental car will allow you to easily discover unusual and characteristic places.

List of Locations Brindisi

What to see in Brindisi: a journey into the heart of the city

If you are looking for a car rental in Brindisi, you can contact the Maggiore offices, which are located in strategic points of the city, namely in Piazza Francesco Crispi, not far from the central train station, and at the arrivals section of the Salento Airport.

Travelling with Maggiore is not only a guarantee of reliability and comfort, but also of safety because all the cars go through careful checks to ensure that they are in perfect running condition, and are also thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after each rental.

From the Brindisi car rental office near the station, you can reach the old part of town in only 5 minutes. Some of the first things to see are the Piazza Duomo, the oldest in the city, with the magnificent Cathedral consecrated in 1089, the Church of San Giovanni al Sepolcro, built by the Templar Knights and with its characteristic circular shape, and the Public Archaeological Museum.

In the harbour area, you can visit the Swabian Castle, a large trapezoid-shaped plan built by Frederick II, and the Roman Pillar, a symbol of the city, which until the 1500s was flanked by a twin pillar.

A car is also essential to see another symbolic sight of Brindisi, namely Castello Alfonsino. Located on the small island of Sant’Andrea, it can only be reached by car along the narrow Via Torpediniera Climene, which connects the island to the mainland.

If you leave the city and drive about 27 km, you can reach the Protected Marine Area of Torre Guaceto, a nature reserve that covers 1,200 hectares and has a sea front of 8,000 metres.


Brindisi beaches and surroundings

Your rental car will allow you to get away from the city centre and enjoy the surrounding areas.

Just 15 km from Brindisi is Mesagne (“City in the Middle”), ancient Messapian town that today is visited for its monuments such as the castle of 1062, the Church of S. Anna, a magnificent example of Apulian rococo, and the Byzantine Church of S. Pietro, built on the ruins of a Roman villa.

Another place to visit in the province of Brindisi is San Vito dei Normanni, a beautiful village located in the north-eastern part of the Salento plain, known for its historical beauties, such as the Castello Dentice di Frasso, and for being one of the stops along the DOP extra-virgin olive oil road of the Collina di Brindisi.

From here it is easy to drive to Ceglie Messapica, considered the gastronomic capital of Alto Salento as it is home to the International Centre of Mediterranean Gastronomy. Then you can head for Latiano, where you can visit three important museums: the “Piero Parenzan” Museum of the Underground and the Museum of the Arts and Traditions of Apulia, and the Ribrezzi Petrosillo House-Museum.

After so much travelling around Brindisi and its surroundings, you can enjoy an afternoon of fun by visiting the Safari Zoo of Fasano and Fasanolandia, a tourist complex that includes a zoo and an amusement park.

Or maybe you would prefer relaxing at the Terme di Torre Canne, known not only for the beneficial properties of its thermal waters but also for its natural mud baths.

Also worth seeing near Brindisi are the most beautiful and famous beaches in the area, namely the magnificent Punta Penne, located to the north-west next to the Torre Guaceto reserve, and the Torre Rinalda reserve, true oases of peace.

Visiting Brindisi and the surrounding area by car will allow you to enjoy all the sights of Apulia for the perfect holiday experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories.