The driver of a rental vehicle must meet the following requirements:

  • Age: 25 years or over
  • A valid Type B driving licence issued at least 12 months previously
  • For drivers under 25 and/or for an authorised second driver a supplementary charge will apply. The cost is given in the Maggiore Rates Leaflet.

Payment of the estimated cost of the rental, accessories, and/or additional charges and any charges for damage to the vehicle due to accidents (see table of charges for damage to vehicles) must be guaranteed at the time of rental by at least one credit card, except for holders of credit documents issued by Maggiore (vouchers or "Full Credit" cards).

Payment is by debit card or cash, at the discretion of the Maggiore office. An initial deposit is required, in an amount equal to the presumed final cost of the rental (inclusive of accessories, a full tank of fuel, topping up, and other charges) plus the amount stated in the Maggiore Rates Leaflet.

This deposit will be refunded on return of the vehicle, less any amount due as payment or for other reasons within the meaning of the provisions of the contract documents.

On the following type of vehicle, FDAR, FWAR, LFAR, PCAR, PWAR, may be requested from the customer two credit cards to guarantee the rental. The credit cards must be owned by the customer. Alternatively, a single card may be accepted, from among the following: American Express Gold, Platinum, Centurion; Visa Gold, Platinum and Mastercard Oro. For these vehicle categories, payment by cheque is not allowed.

The telephone number of the office where the rental begins is printed on the Rental Agreement given to the customer when collecting the vehicle.

Click here for a full list of Maggiore offices with their addresses and contact information, or go back to the home page and click on the "Offices" menu item.

The age of the driver to access the rental is: 

  • 25 years old for any car group
  • between 19 and 20 years old for A and B car groups , with the payment of the young driver surchage (see the Rental Rate List)
  • between 21 and 24 years old for any car groups, with the payment of the young driver surchage (see the Rental Rate List)

Yes, you will need a valid driving licence. It's a good idea to check that your driving licence hasn't expired before you try to rent.

You need to have held a B category licence for at least 12 months, and it must be currently valid.

No, you need to show us a driving licence before you can rent a car.

No, you need to bring the original licence, it must be legible, in good condition and valid for the whole period of the rental.

Yes, you can, as long as you tell the agency you picked the car up from in advance and make sure you follow the drop-off rules.

See the specific section in the Maggiore car rental rate list and "Maggiore rental".

Yes, if you drop the vehicle off in a different city, you will be charged a VAL (one-way service, to/from a different municipality from the starting agency) or VAS (one-way service to/from Sicily) supplement, as set out in the Maggiore car rental rate list.

This supplement does not apply for drop-offs within the same municipality.

No, VAL (one-way service) is not available for some vehicle categories, such as vehicles in groups J-M-R-Z. Please see the Maggiore Price List for more details.

If you change the drop-off agency without informing the agency in advance, you will be charged a "Unauthorised drop-off" supplement.

Please see the Maggiore car rental rate list for the amount.

When you drop-off your vehicle, our agency will close the rental contract, print out and hand you the invoice directly.

Yes - you will need to tell us your email address or mobile telephone number when you sign the rental agreement, so our agency can send you the invoice directly, or a link to download it from our site. View and print an invoice.

A rental day is defined as 24 hours, calculated from the time you pick up the vehicle; after the 24 hours expire, you will be charged a second full rental day.

However, when booking or picking up your vehicle, you can ask for a "Time Extension Supplement", allowing you to return the vehicle up to 1 hour and 59 minutes after the 24 hour limit, as set out in the Maggiore car rental rate list.

You will need to contact the rental agency.

The fine will be sent directly to the customer whose name was on the rental agreement on the day and time when the traffic violation took place.

The traffic fine notification will be sent to the customer by the competent Authorities who recorded the violation, and the Customer is responsible for paying it within the legal deadline.

See the section on "What to do if you get a fine" for details.

You can ask for a copy of the notification, along with the invoice for the notification charge (GRV) as set out in the Maggiore car rental rate list. 

You will in any case receive the original copy of the notification directly from the competent Authorities, together with the payment slip.

See the section on "What to do if you get a fine" for details.

This is a charge to cover the administrative expenses for forwarding you the fine, which Maggiore Rent charges to the customer: in fact, Article 8 of the General Rental Conditions that you signed along with the rental agreement, states: "The Customer agrees to pay the cost of any associated administrative procedures, as set out in the Maggiore car rental rate list; and "The Customer authorises the Leaser to charge all expenses associated with the rental contract to their credit card, where present".

See the section on "What to do if you get a fine" for details.

This cost will be charged to the credit card used for the rental when Maggiore Rent sends the notification, as per Article 8 of the General Rental Conditions you signed when you picked up the vehicle.

See the Maggiore car rental rate list for the amount. At the same time, we will also send you a copy of the invoice for the charge.

See the section on "What to do in case of fines" for details.

Yes, because the fine notification procedure is sent out automatically by the national centre, as required by the competent Authorities, and the relative administrative costs are charged. See the section on "What to do if you get a fine" for details

As set out at point 8 of the General Conditions, the Customer as the person nominated in the contract (the Rental Agreement), is liable for fines or other charges resulting from breaches of the Highway Code or failure to pay toll and/or parking charges.

Therefore any fines incurred must be duly paid.

To dispute a fine the customer must do so directly with the authority that issued the fine notice, in accordance with the methods and time limits specified therein.

For more information on fines incurred, contact our fines office.

Yes. You are authorised to take the vehicle to all the countries mentioned on the front of the Rental Agreement.

You are reminded that all rental companies are exempt from the obligation to provide the original registration booklet with the vehicle and that an authenticated copy is sufficient.

It is however always advisable for the driver to inform the office where they collect the vehicle that they intend to travel to another country.

Our replacement vehicle service is not available outside Italy for commercial vehicles.

Non-EU citizens can rent in Italy if they hold an international driving licence and passport.

The cost of the rental includes a quota for collision damage waiver (CDW).

CDW is not insurance cover, but an agreed reduction of the customer's liability for damage due to incidents, accidents, or attempted theft affecting the vehicle and for partial theft and fire, within the limits of an excess that varies depending on the group to which the vehicle belongs.

By agreement, the customer can reduce or wholly eliminate their liability by signing the SKO (total/partial collision damage waiver) option.

For further details, see the General Conditions of Rental.

A credit card is required as security for your rental, so please remember to bring it when you pick up your vehicle.

The card must be held in the name of the person who signs the rental agreement.

Yes, this is permitted for cars (see the General Conditions of Rental) while for commercial vehicles the service is only available for ordinary journeys and, on request, at any other agency in the Maggiore network, excluding Sardinia.

No. The cost of renting a vehicle does not include fuel.

The vehicle is consigned to the customer with a full tank and should be returned in the same condition.

If you cannot refuel the vehicle before returning it, the cost of the missing fuel plus a supplementary charge will apply, as set out in the General Conditions of Rental.

The payment, understood as the balance of the rental, you can also debit card or cash.

However, these modes are not accepted for the access to the rental for which is always required at least 1 traditional credit card of the main circuits.

Two additional drivers can be added on condition that they are present at the office when the vehicle is collected and that they each hold a valid driving licence.

The cost of each second driver is given in the List of Rates.

To view or print a copy of your invoice click here.

To correct an invoice click here. Alternatively go to "Online Assistance" on the home page, find the menu item for invoice searches ("change invoice heading"), and fill in all the fields, following the instructions.

Yes. Click here to get the cost.

If the vehicle cannot be driven, the Maggiore Roadside Assistance, service is available 24/7 on 800 098 098 (within Italy, toll-free), or + 39 02 58 24 04 77 (within or outside Italy).

The driver must always wait for the rescue vehicle to arrive at the scene where the vehicle is stopped.

To obtain a replacement vehicle they should contact either the Maggiore office where they collected the vehicle, or another Maggiore office closer to the scene.

An alternative means of transport (e.g. taxi, train) can be used to get to the Maggiore office if duly requested from and authorised by Roadside Assistance.

Even if the vehicle is in a suitable condition to continue its journey, the customer must still contact either the Maggiore office where they collected it, or another Maggiore office closer to the scene, in order to return the defective or damaged vehicle and pick up a replacement (click here for more information).

In case of accident the customer must always remember to complete all parts of the CAI form (Constatazione Amichevole di Incidente/Agreed Motor Accident Statement) which they will find in the vehicle. The CAI form must be delivered to a Maggiore office not more than 24 hours after the event.

For more information click here.

The cost of a taxi is normally only refunded if the rented vehicle cannot be driven and the customer needs to get to the nearest Maggiore office to pick up a replacement vehicle.

The customer must ask for specific authorisation of this expenditure either at the time of the incident when calling the 24/7 Maggiore Roadside Assistance Service on 800 098 098 (toll free) or +39 02 58 24 04 77 to request a rescue vehicle, or subsequently. 

Payment is normally deducted at the end of the rental and includes the cost for any additional special equipment, supplements, or other extras (e.g. fuel).

If the rental has a duration of more than one month, payment is on the 30th. day of each month.

When the customer collects the vehicle from the office, credit card authorisation, only, is required as guarantee of a sum equal to the estimated final cost of the rental (inclusive of accessories, a full tank of fuel, topping up, and other charges) plus an amount of €400.00 or more at the discretion of the rental office.

A transaction on the customer's credit card for the exact amount due, and release of any difference, is only carried out when the vehicle is returned.

The timing for release of any difference depends exclusively on the procedures used by the credit card issuer and not on Maggiore Rent.

For prepaid rentals, the transaction is completed at the time of confirming the booking. Any supplementary expenses are charged to the customer's credit card when the Rental Agreement is concluded.

A credit card is required as guarantee of the rental.

It must be presented at the office when collecting the vehicle, and must be in the name of the person signing the Rental Agreement.

No, You must use a normal credit card bearing numbers printed in relief and issued by one of the major banking systems: Visa, MasterCard, American Express. The Diners Club card is accepted only at the desk.

No. The credit card must be in the name of the person who physically collects the vehicle or the person who signs the Rental Agreement.

The valid credit cards for access to rental are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners.

These cards are recognisable because they have their numbers printed in relief.

Standard credit cards are the most common type of card, which is linked to a current account.

It allows you to pay for the amounts spent during a calendar month in a single payment the following month.

The credit card balance is charged to the holder's current account.

This card works the same way as a standard credit card, but it also allows you to make payments regardless of the amount you have in your current account, and pay the balance in instalments.

At the beginning of the rental is pledged an amount in the credit card of the rental guarantee and the fuel consumed. This amount is not a charge but only an amount "locked" temporarily to the credit card. See "Services and Supplements" in the Maggiore Rental List.

No, it is not debited, but as a guarantee the amount is "blocked" on the credit card when the vehicle is collected.

If the actual cost proves to be less than the amount blocked on the credit card at the start of the rental, the difference will be released as soon after the charge automatically, from that moment on, our relationship ceases with our customer's credit card.
Therefore Maggiore Rent can not be held responsible for the additional time provided by Credit Institutions for the release of what is still tied after the end of the rental (usually 15-20 days from the input by Maggiore).

Yes. Even if you pre-paid for your reservation you will still need to present a credit card to collect the vehicle from the office.

The credit card need not be the one you used to pre-pay, provided that it is a normal type of credit card (with the characters printed in relief) and is in the name of the person collecting the vehicle.