Payment method

Is a payment card pre-authorization or security deposit required?

  • Is a payment card pre-authorization or security deposit required?

Yes, is necessary  a pre-authorisation on your payment card before we release the vehicle.

If the customer wishes to pay in cash, a security deposit is required.


  • How much is the pre-authorization?

To calculate the amount of the pre-authorization required when collecting the rental vehicle, consult the rental country conditions.


  • Is the deposit required as a guarantee on the credit card at the beginning of the rental a charge?

No, it's not a charge.

Before the rental, we will ensure that the payment card is functional, blocking an amount to guarantee the presence of sufficient funds for payment.


  • When will the credit card deposit guarantee be "unblocked"?

if the amount is less, the difference will be released as soon as the charge automatically

In this way we confirm the functionality of the card and we will no longer need to repeat the operation.

In case of delay, try contacting your credit institution to release the amount after the end of the rental (usually it takes 15-20 days from our notification).

If after blocking the amount you want to use another card for the payment, it will be possible to do so, but remember: it will take up to a maximum of 28 days before the bank returns the previously "blocked" amount.


View our terms and conditions for more information.


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