What happens in case of a fine?

  • What are the customer's responsibilities?

You are responsible for all administrative sanctions attributable to the use of the vehicle by you or other drivers during the rental period.

Administrative sanctions are understood to be:

- Administrative sanctions for violations of the rules governing road traffic in the Country where the vehicle is conducted (e.g. for failure to comply with speed limits and/or for failure to comply with traffic and/or parking regulations, etc.);

- any other sanction or payment request (for example, failure to pay for parking / tolls).


  • If we receive an administrative sanction attributable to the Customer during the rental period, what will we charge?

- The amount of the administrative sanction, if the Customer has failed to pay it and the Company proceeds to pay the sanction;

- any expenses incurred as a result of non-compliance with vehicle parking regulations (for example tow truck costs and towing costs).


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