What happens in case of a fine?

  • What happens in case of a fine?

According to the General Rental Conditions, the customer is responsible for fines and/or any other charges resulting from traffic violations, unpaid tolls, and/or parking violations.

The fine, issued by the competent authority, will be sent to Maggiore, which will then transmit it to the customer, the contract holder, on the day and at the exact time when the violation occurred.

The customer may receive a copy of the ticket attached to the invoice related to the Fine Redelivery Management cost (GRV).

It is possible to contest the fine directly with the authorities that issued the ticket according to the methods and terms specified in the ticket itself.

For more information about received fines, you can contact our fines office by completing the appropriate form.


  • What is Fine Redelivery Management?

Fine Redelivery Management refers to the administrative procedures that the customer is required to pay as specified in the General Rental Conditions.

This cost is debited using the credit card used for the rental when Maggiore performs the redelivery.

At the same time, a copy of the invoice for these expenses is sent to the customer.


  • If I have already paid the fine, do I need to pay Fine Redelivery Management?

Yes, because the fine redelivery process is an automatic and nationally managed process in accordance with the competent authorities.

Therefore, the administrative cost incurred for this activity is included in this charge.

Always consult our terms and conditions for more information.


View our terms and conditions for more information.


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