Accidents, Breakdowns and Thefts

What should I do in case of accident or breakdown?

In case of a breakdown, damage, or accident, we provide free 24/7 roadside assistance and rescue services.

You can contact the tow truck using the following contacts:

Maggiore Roadside Assistance Service from Italy

Maggiore Roadside Assistance Service from Abroad
+39 0698240800


Wait for the rescue vehicle to arrive at the scene.

If the event is an accident, complete all parts of the CAI form (Constatazione Amichevole di Incidente/Agreed Motor Accident Statement) which you will find in the vehicle. If the accident involves a third party, get the third party to also complete and sign the CAI form, and obtain any witness statements.

The CAI form must be delivered to a Maggiore office, along with any other documentation, not more than 24 hours after the event.

To continue your journey by an alternative means of transport (e.g. taxi, train, etc.) so that you can get to the nearest Maggiore office to pick up a replacement vehicle, you should request authorisation for this directly from Maggiore Road Assistance. This authorisation is required in order for you to be refunded.

A replacement vehicle will not be delivered to the scene of the event.

Maggiore Rent has a network of more than 140 offices throughout Italy. The Maggiore offices in major airports and railway stations normally have extended opening hours, and are also open on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you realise that you need an alternative means of transport only after you called out the rescue vehicle, you must again call the toll-free number given above and ask for specific authorisation for a taxi or other alternative means of transport. You will then receive a confirmation text message.

When you get to the office, hand in a copy of the receipt you were issued by Road Assistance, together with a copy of your Rental Agreement, and pick up your replacement vehicle.

A towing service is not provided for an ordinary flat tyre (for which the customer is required to use the spare wheel or the inflation kit)


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