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Off to Bari? Get ready for the good cheer, warm welcome and vibrancy that this city has to offer. Bari is a splendid seaside city, and its port is now the biggest on the Adriatic Sea. You can admire the historic centre, which is full of old buildings such as the Basilica of St Nicholas, the Cathedral of San Sabino and Castello Svevo. A visit to Bari would be unthinkable without sampling some of the many gastronomic delights or experiencing the local religious traditions. From the streets, where housewives sell home-made orecchiette pasta, to the narrow alleys with linen flapping in the sun, to the ancient, brightly coloured religious shrines to the ubiquitous presence of St Nicholas, the city’s patron saint, Bari is a city of great contrasts and traditions. Hiring a car from Maggiore gives you the opportunity to travel around in comfort at any time, because Bari also has a vibrant nightlife. But that’s not all: with a hire car from Maggiore you’ll also be able to visit some of the fabulous places in the surrounding area. Examples include the Itria Valley, with its traditional white villages where you can admire the trulli in Alberobello (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Locorotondo and Noci. If you can’t resist the call of the sea, travel down the coastline from Molfetta to Monopoli in a Maggiore hire car: the drive is never boring, with long stretches of white sand and rocky outcrops, crystal-blue waters and fish and seafood restaurants.


Did you know that Andria is home to the narrowest street in Italy? You certainly won’t be able to drive down it in a Maggiore hire car, but you can certainly visit it! Vicolo San Bartolomeo is just 42 cm wide, right in the heart of the ancient village. And did you know that Puglia is famous for its “lame” - ancient rivers that sculpted the rock, millions of years ago. One of these is Lama San Giorgio, which from 1997 with one of the natural sites protected by the regional government. Behind the wheel of your Maggiore hire car, you’ll have no problems getting there.