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is a fabulous city that has so much to offer. By hiring a car from Maggiore, you’ll be able to explore the suburbs as well. If you’re travelling on business you’ll find it easy to get around between one meeting and the next. While on holiday in Milan there are a whole host of things to do. Here are just a few of them: visit the majestic Cathedral, see the charming Piazza dei Mercanti and take a trip back through the centuries by booking a ticket for La Scala and immerse yourself in the Italian shrine to opera. Even outside the city, there’s a lot to see: from the Abbey of Chiaravalle, an imposing Cistercian monastery, to the Certosa di Pavia, a magnificent example of ecclesiastical architecture. Nature lovers and watersports enthusiasts can visit Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, which are just an hour away. When visiting Lake Como, don’t miss Bellagio, which is one of the most romantic locations in this part of Lombardy. Lake Como wasn’t discovered by the stars of Hollywood, it’s been popular since Roman times, when many luxurious villas were built there! Today, the most lavish dwellings around the lake are owned by film celebrities and international industrialists. If you’d like to enjoy a wonderful view over the lake, use your Maggiore hire car to drive to the cable car station where you can travel up to Brunate, the only place of its kind in Europe. In the blink of an eye it’ll take you from the shores of Lake Como up to the “Balcony of the Alps”. Looking for total peace and tranquillity? Take your Maggiore hire car to the Oasi di Galbusera Bianca, 40 km from Milan: amid 20 hectares of woodland and streams, you’ll find a host of ancient plant varieties, medicinal herbs and edible flowers, a full immersion for nature lovers!


Milan is the ultimate city for business: it’s home to Piazza Affari, where you’ll find the Italian stock exchange. But did you know what’s concealed beneath it? Nothing less than a Roman theatre dating from the first century BC. The remains can still be seen now, through glass floors.


Access to the city centre of Milan (Area C) is subject to a charge for certain types of vehicle. We recommend finding out more before you visit the city, or check the current regulations at http://www.comune.milano.it.