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Are you looking for a destination with amazing sea views and villages where you can bask in colours and flavours? Rent a car in La Spezia then travel to Cinque Terre.

On Provincial Road 370, also known as the “Cinque Terre Coastal Road”, after about 12 km you will reach the first village Riomaggiore, East of the Cinque Terre National Park, that has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1997. Famous for its beaches, marina and castle towering above the sea, its typical tower-houses, pasture-raised meats and local produce and seafood specialities, such as the delicious salty rice cake, stock fish and pesto, Riomaggiore is truly unforgettable.

A 15-minute drive takes you to colourful Manarola, the second village dating to the 12th century built on a rock 70 metres above sea level, as a way to defend the village from attacks by pirates!

Continuing along provincial road SP51 you reach Corniglia, the smallest and third village of Cinque Terre, with its Scalinata Lardarina, a series of 33 ramps and 377 red brick steps that connects the lower town to the upper (older) town.

The fourth town is Vernazza, the colourful gem of Cinque Terre snuggled in the evocative coastline of Liguria between the sea and rock, famous all over the world for its beauty. With its pastel-coloured houses, Vernazza is home to Doria Castle, a medieval fortress on a ridge high above the sea with views that a truly spectacular.

All that remains is to head to Monterosso, the fifth and last village of Cinque Terre: this is largest village in Cinque Terre, nestling between the land and sea where you will not want to miss a visit to Fegina Beach, one of the most spectacular beaches in Liguria. And if you enjoy food and wine tastings, be sure to go to the Lemon Festival in May, with its array of delicious jams, creams, cakes and many other delectable specialities.

Continuing Westward, the landscape of Liguria continues to amaze visitors, with bays where time seems to stand still. 75 km in the direction of Genoa is Portofino, which is not only famous for its beautiful town square and marina, but also for its crystal clear Ligurian sea that you can admire from the Brown Castle, the fortress that rises on the promontory behind the village of Portofino. And if you enjoy trekking tours, the numerous routes of Portofino take you through diverse flora, fauna and landscapes.