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Our journey starts in Caserta province, at a place that is certainly not a typical tourist destination. The Monte San Nicola Theatre-Temple in Sant'Eremo in Pietravairano Municipality is an extraordinary example of the Greek-Roman architecture that is typical of Southern Italy. Discovered in 2001 by a professor with a passion for aviation as he was flying over the area, the Theatre-Temple excavations are still in progress: the Theatre-Temple has megalithic boundary walls and is built on an artificial terrace excavated in the side of the mountain at a height of 409 meters with a spectacular 360’ view.

One cannot visit Campania without seeing Naples, but here again we suggest an alternative tour to the traditional attractions of Naples. Underground Naples is an incredible journey through history; a labyrinth of tunnels where the earliest underground artefacts brought to light are over 5,000 years old, taking visitors through to the structures used during the Second World War. The official entrance to Underground Naples is at Piazza San Gaetano 68 in the historical centre.

If after your underground tour you want to enjoy the sun and sea, head to Positano. On the A3 and SS145 it takes just over an hour by car to reach the Amalfi Coast and the narrow streets of Positano with its lemon-scented artisan workshops, stone stairways and linen clothing boutiques.

Praiano is just a few kilometres South on the Amalfi SS163; this delightful fishing village has the only beaches on the Coast with absolutely no shadow from sunrise to sunset.

Just after Praiano is the village of Furore, with its famous fjord where every year, on the first Sunday of July, a spectacular diving competition is held. Here there are two unmissable attractions: the first is a visit to Smeraldo Grotto, a karst cave partly filled with sea water and the Santa Rosa sfogliatella, a delicious pastry dating to the seventeenth century that is today served with custard and sour cherries in syrup.