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Are you ready for a holiday in the pursuit of history and culture? Fasten your seat belts for a tour in Lazio, a region that spans history from the Etruscans to the Renaissance era.

Rome is undoubtedly the main attraction for travellers from all over the world, but there are many surprising, unique tours scattered throughout the region. Did you know for example that Nero had three artificial lakes built for a luxury residence with a villa and swimming pool for fishing and swimming? He had the lakes built near Subiaco, about an hour from Rome, blocking the upper course of the Aniene river at the point where the river leaves the narrow gorge of the Simbruini Mountains. This is Simbruina Stagna, better known as the Three Lakes of Nero.

Lazio boasts 7 Unesco World Heritage Sites including the splendid Villa Adriana, one of the many villas built by Roman emperors. At Subiaco take the SS411 for a 40-minute drive to Tivoli to visit the largest villa ever owned by a Roman emperor.

Chosen by Emperor Hadrian as his residence in from 117 AD, Villa Adriana is very close to another Unesco World Heritage Site that takes us with a bound into the Renaissance era: Villa d'Este. With its triumph of spectacular water games and fountains, two of which by Bernini (Bicchierone Fountain and the Organ Fountain Waterfall), Villa D'Este is the masterpiece of Italian gardens.

Lazio is however a great more than history or surprising landscapes, it is also famous for its cuisine, with simple delicious traditional dishes. A tour to towns like Amatrice will give you the opportunity to taste the best regional dishes such as the famous pasta all'amatriciana, pasta alla carbonara and much more!