- 20% + Coverage + GPS


Maggiore has an amazing surprise in store for you! A 20% discount on all rentals in Italy!

You decide the duration of your rental and the car, and get a rental deal that includes coverage for damages, theft, windscreens and windows.
But that’s not all! On top of the discount, with Maggiore you have Sat Nav included (subject to availability)!

Whatever your next destination, the wait is over: you can now rent an Audi Q5 from Maggiore’s car fleet.
Experience the safety and comfort of a four-wheel drive with adaptive technology, that allows you to stiffen or soften the suspension at the touch of a button, and the exceptional performance of the S-tronic gearbox, that allows you to switch seamlessly from one gear to another without perceptible power loss.
From today, any road condition is the perfect condition!


To get this deal, enter discount code U003700 in the check box on the home page.



The discount is calculated on time + kilometres. Free GPS subject to availability. Offer valid for car rentals until 3/12/ 2018.
The rate includes VRF (motor charges) - VAT - SCDW + STP (Elimination / reduction of economic liability - Damage + Theft) - LI (crystal cover).
The deal is applicable to all car groups and is available from all Maggiore agencies; Maggiore reserves the right to withdraw this rental deal.
Audi Q5 is one of the cars in the L group and can not be confirmed at the time of booking.