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Maggiore E-City

Getting around the city centre. Environmental-friendly and fast

Are you ready to turn your trip into a cutting-edge sustainable experience? Find out more about our fleet of electric vehicles and embrace the future of mobility!

Enjoy unrestricted mobility between the nodal points of the city: Maggiore E-City cars are the perfect choice to get from the railway station or city center to the airport.

With Maggiore E-City you have the solution at your fingertips, from the daily rate to the weekend and weekly rates.

Book your car now at the Milan Linate, Milan Central Station and Rome Termini stations.


Why choose our Electric Fleet?

E-City Advantages

Find out more about Our Fleet:

To offer you the best driving experience, Maggiore has chosen the best 7 electric cars of urban mobility:

  • The Fiat 500 Full Electric, a glamorous city car whose advanced technical features have made it very popular;
  • The Volkswagen ID.4, the SUV that is as sustainable as an electric car but spacious enough for the whole family;
  • The Volkswagen ID.5, the perfect combination of an SUV and coupé;
  • The 210kW BMW iX3, that looks and feels sportier than ever.
  • The Opel Mokka Electric, one of the most successful compact crossovers;
  • The Peugeot 2008 Electric, a car that ensures a relaxing, highly technological ride;
  • The Renault Megan, the electric sedan with a 220 HP motor.


How to Book: 

  • Choose the car that best suits your needs: Browse through our electric models to find the perfect car for your next trip.
  • Select the Dates: Choose your rental dates and customise your preferences.
  • Problem-free booking: Book your electric vehicle without stress. Our modern and sustainable fleet is waiting for you.

Choose sustainability without compromise. Join us as we drive towards a cleaner, more innovative future.

Try an Electric car by taking advantage of the E-City service offered by Maggiore and choosing a car from the E=Elettriche Group.

When you rent the car, Maggiore gives you the chance to purchase a charging card which gives you access to a network of over 280,000 charging points.

After book, you pick up a car that is sanitised for each and every rental and has been charged to at least 70% of its capacity at the station. All you do is drive away without a care in the world; remember though that you should return the car at the end of the rental with the same charge.

If you don’t have time to recharge the car before you return it, don’t worry! We will do it for you at a small fee:

  • If the battery is under 70% when you return the car: EUR 25.7 + VAT
  • If the battery is under 10% when you return the car: EUR 40.8 + VAT

It’s great to know you can travel anywhere in the city centre, knowing that you are respecting the environment!

Explore the Revolution - Book Your Electric Car Now!