Maggiore Be Active

The multi-month rental that's right for you

zero anticipo e zero penalità

Price guaranteed for 3 months. No deposit, no penalty for early drop off and no extra costs

pagamento diretto

Direct payment by credit card without opening a specific credit line

auto in pronta consegna Prompt delivery of cars 
ritiro e restituzione del veicolo

Pick up and/or drop off at any of the more than 150 Maggiore agencies in Italy

vettura sostitutiva Immediate delivery of replacement car
km inclusi 1500 Km / 3000 Km


Would you like to have the perfect car for your particular needs, without having to invest during these very difficult times?

Nothing could be simpler with Maggiore Be Active, the new multi-month package deal that brings you extremely competitive and flexible car rental rates.

Price guaranteed for 3 months. No deposits and no restrictions! Maggiore Be Active offers you a safe, controlled and sanitised car at a rate that includes insurance, road tax and maintenance.

With Maggiore Be Active you rent the perfect car for your requirements: whether you need a city car for urban travel, an SUV for a trip with the family or a station wagon to take your folding bike wherever you go, Maggiore be Active gives you the convenience of mobility whenever you need it.

And if you decide to drop off the car earlier than expected, no penalty is applied.

But that's not all: payment by credit card is quick and easy.

Maggiore Be Active is available for rentals of at least 31 days in Italy in two package deals:

  • Be Active Light

Includes 1500 km


  • Be Active Extensive

Includes 3000 km


Hurry! Maggiore Be Active makes buying a car simply unnecessary!