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Centurion Card

Discover the advantages reserved for Centurion Card American Express®

Maggiore is offering special advantages to holders of the Centurion Card American Express allowing you to drive for a day, a weekend or a week on board the exclusive Italian Style car rental service.

  • Car special: exclusive discount up to 20% on the best non-promotional rate available at the time of booking;
  • van special: to transport your bulky items, AmicoBlu, the van rental most frequently used by the Italians, guarantees you a special discount up tp 15% on the best non-promotional rate available at the time of booking.

To take advantage of these offers, book on-line or call the dedicated call centre 199 151 120 (special call rates apply) quoting the code U037700 and make payment using your Centurion Card American Express. For further information, contact your Amex team.

Also for your car rentals abroad, discover the Budget Special Offers for travelling by car all over the world. Book the car here for obtaining automatically the offer or the code K591601 to our call center operator.