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Maggiore and Bimbo in Viaggio

There is room for everyone on board a spacious Maggiore car!


Book and rent a car through Maggiore before 15 December to get discounts up to 25%!

Maggiore offers truly competitive rates to all Bimbo In Viaggio customers who book a family hotel for their family holiday on www.bimboinviaggio.com.

www.bimboinviaggio.com is the best website in Italy for family hotels, with reviews for over 300 hotels and holiday villages both in Italy and abroad, that cater especially for families, children and teenagers.

To use our special offers, book your car online or call 199 151 120 (subject to the rates applied by your telephone operator), using code U038700.

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This offer is valid for rentals booked before 15 December 2019 with rental taken up before 15 Decemberr 2019. The discount is applied on the best non-promotional rates available when you book, for car rentals in Italy.