Payment method

Which credit cards are valid for renting?

  • Which credit cards are accepted?

American Express (excluding Travelers Checks American Express)
Visa credit cards
MasterCard credit cards
Visa debit cards
MasterCard debit cards
Maggiore Charge Card


  • What is the credit card for?

A credit card is required to guarantee the rental; therefore, it is mandatory to present it to the agency when picking up the vehicle.

Is necessary a pre-authorisation on customer's payment card before we release the vehicle. A guarantee amount will then be blocked on the credit card. If the customer wishes to pay in cash, a security deposit is required.

Remember: it is important that the card is in the name of the person signing the rental letter.


  • Are the electron card, prepaid cards, debit card or Postepay valid for accessing the rental?

It is possible to pay online with prepaid cards. Electron cards are not accepted.

Remember: if you decide to pay with a prepaid card, you will still need to present a credit card in your name to the agency for guarantee reasons.


  • How can I recognize if my credit card is accepted for the rental?

The credit cards valid for accessing the rental belong to the following banking circuits: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners. The cards are recognizable as they have the numbers stamped in relief.


  • Prepaid booking: do I still have to present my credit card at the agency when picking up the vehicle?

Yes, a credit card must be presented when picking up the vehicle at the agency, even in the case of a prepaid reservation.

The card may also be different from the one used for prepyment, as long as it is a traditional type card (with characters stamped in relief) and registered in the name of the person collecting the vehicle.

View our terms and conditions for more information.


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