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How do you recharge an electric car

Travel without interruptions

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Travelling electric is simple . Simply plan your trip to include your charges. Discover the easiest way to find charging stations and methods. 

Find the Shell Recharge Station nearest to you 

The Shell Recharge Network lets you plan recharging to make your trip simple and eco-sustainable, helping you to find the recharging station closest to you.

The network includes over 500,000 recharging stations across Europe. For each recharging station the map shows you availability, prices, cable types and recharging speed* in real time.

*7kW or 22kW chargers take around 3-4 hours to fully recharge and are usually available in car parks, supermarkets and recreational centres. 50kW DC chargers typically recharge from 0 to 80% in approximately 30 minutes, while 150kW ultra-fast chargers deliver power 3 times faster. The time depend on your car model.


How you recharge at zero-emission electric charging stations depends on the charging method of your car.

In how many different ways can you recharge your electric car?

  1. Slow recharging - on a home electrical socket
  2. Medium recharging - through a wall box
  3. Fast recharging - at public or private recharging stations
  4. Ultra-fast charging - only at public charging stations

Type of charging


What does the recharging time depend on?

  • Battery capacity
  • Maximum recharging power of the column
  • Grid power available at the time of charging
  • The number of vehicles connected to the recharging column
  • Maximum AC charging power accepted by the internal recharger
  • The cable
  • Maximum direct current charging power accepted by the vehicle
  • Energy dispersion

Speed of charing


How to recharge an electric car

  • Locate the recharging column
  • Park the vehicle next to the recharging station
  • Connect the cable of electrical column to your car connector. The most commonly used cable for direct current recharging is the standard CCS Combo 2, which is also compatible with alternating current recharging (the upper section of the CCS combo 2 connector is equipped with a Type 2 connector). In the case of direct current recharging, you will not need your own recharging cable, since the column will be equipped with a recharging cable
  • Once you reach the required charge, disconnect the cable and you are ready to go

EV chaging

Find out more about some of the most popular charging apps

Enel X Way: your energy at your fingertips

The Enel X Way App displays the free charging station closest to you and allows you to monitor the charging progress.

Thanks to an interactive map, the Enel X Way charging station for your electric rental car is always just one click away. Wherever you are at any time!

Download the Enel X Way App free on your device:

Google PlayApple Store

If you do not have an Enel account, register to access all the features of the App.
You can also set your electric vehicle to display specific data in your search and monitor the status of your charge in real time.
With the App Enel X Way you can choose the tariff that best suits your needs and manage your digital or physical Card, on which you can start or stop charging at a single touch.
You also have access to all your invoices and, if you have a home JuiceBox, the Enel X Way home charging station, you can manage and monitor your station directly on the App.

To consult the interactive map and find the charging point closest to you, simply scan the QRcode.

QR Code Enel XLogo Enel X

E-Gap charges your car wherever and whenever you 

logo e-gap

E-Gap recharges your rental electric car whenever you want wherever you are!

E-GAP is the leading mobile recharging operator for electric vehicles. Call the toll-free number or download the app and request your on-demand recharge to travel in full autonomy.

For your first Maggiore E-City electric car hire experience, E-GAP offers you a 10kWh recharge at just EUR 15 - and our van will reach you within no more than 90 minutes from your request.

How does it work? Request the service by phone

  • Call the toll-free number 800 14 13 13 and tell the operator the location of the car you want to recharge to allow the operator to check if the service is covered in that area. The operator will then give you all the information you need to get the recharge for your car in the shortest possible time.

How does it work? Through the APP

  • Scan the QR Code to download the E-GAP app and follow these instructions: create your complete profile and add the license plate of the Maggiore car in "My vehicles"
  • Book your recharge on the home page of the App and remember to enter “MAGGIORE” in the box “Do you want to add other information?”qrcode e-gap

The service is available Monday to Sunday from 6:00am to 10:00pm in the operational areas of Milan and Rome.

See the tutorial in the “How does it work” section on the home page of the E-GAP website for more information on how to use the service and coverage**. For more information, call customer service on 800141313 Monday to Sunday from 7:00am to 10:00pm.

**Maggiore declines all and any liability for the service provided by E-GAP s.r.l.