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What are the advantages of an electric car?

Discover the pleasure of sustainable travel

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Electric cars offer many advantages that have made this technology very popular. Here are some of the biggest advantages of an electric car:

  • Better air quality: Electric vehicles do not emit CO2, nitrogen or other particles that pollute the air. A recent study by the European Federation for Transport and the Environment showed that electric cars emit up to three times less carbon dioxide than diesel or petrol vehicles.
  • Savings: according to a study conducted by the Spanish Consumer and User Organisation, running an electric car is cheaper than a traditional vehicle, and costs up to half the cost of running a petrol car.
  • Advanced technologies: maintenance of an electric car is simpler and cheaper than that of cars with a traditional combustion engine. Electric cars have fewer mechanical components subject to wear and tear, which saves up to 30% on maintenance.*
  • Silent running: Electric cars are in general quieter than internal combustion cars, helping to reduce noise pollution in urban areas.


* (Source: Peugeot, comparison of a Peugeot e-208 with the equivalent petrol version.)


Are the costs of running an electric car cheaper than the costs of running a petrol or diesel vehicle?

Yes, and the main reason is that electric vehicles have fewer components and therefore overall maintenance is easier and costs are usually lower than for petrol and diesel cars. Electric cars have a single-gear system, so there is no need for oil changes and very little maintenance is required.

An electric also car guarantees better torque performance which ensures a smoother ride on the road and reduces tyre wear. 

Braking is more efficient in electric vehicles as they do not use a braking system where you take your foot off the accelerator. This means that some components such as brake pads or discs are less subject to wear and tear.


Are there other reasons to choose electric cars?

There are many! An electric car is today the best way to get around big cities:

  • Free parking: in many Italian cities, parking on the blue lines is free if you have an electric vehicle.
  • Electric vehicles are allowed to circulate in Traffic-Restricted Zones: electric vehicles are allowed to circulate in areas with traffic restrictions in many cities, such as in zones B and C in Milan and the TRZ in Rome.