Support area & main office

New candidates should be strong team players who always want to do things better. They should feel that the best reward for what they do is they contribution they make to working with our internal and front office structures. They should be proud to spread the Maggiore culture.



The Marketing area is responsible for developing our short, medium and long-term marketing strategies to ensure we retain our market share, turnover, and profit by developing products, analysing the competition, and carrying out promotional activities.

- Operational Marketing Specialist, Communications & PR Specialist


Fleet Management

The Fleet Management area manages operation of all the processes that underpin the planning, purchase, distribution, and maintenance of our company fleet, including insurance management, with the aim of optimising operating costs.

- Vehicle Purchasing Administration Specialists, Fleet Planning and Distribution, Accidents Management, Technical Inspector for Italy


Administration and finance

This area is responsible for managing all the Group's administrative and financial activities, ensuring its development by using economic and financial planning to sustain a good profitability level

- General Accounting and Customer Specialists, Credit Recovery and Financing


Human Resources

The mission of the HR area is to motivate and develop human resources by means of continuous professional growth and oversee organisational planning in collaboration with our business lines.

- HR Management and Development Specialists, Personnel Administration, Personnel Search & Selection


Legal and Corporate Affairs

The objective of this area is to assist the companies within the Group to anticipate and resolve all legal and contractual issues.

- Experts in Business Law 

IT Systems

The main role of the IT area is to direct the company towards the use of both advanced and more traditional technologies that sustain the competitive development of our business and its support structures.

- Analysts and Systems Analysts