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Rent sustainably, travel in style

Discover the pleasure of respecting the environment while you drive

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Maggiore ensures that you travel in eco-friendly comfort: respecting the environment with perfect solutions, regardless of how you want to travel.

With Maggiore you can do all this by choosing a car from a large fleet that includes zero or reduced-impact car models that guarantee all the comfort of a super silent, high-performance trip.

Do you want to reduce harmful CO2 emissions when you drive? Or do you simply want to try an electric car because you are thinking of buying one in consideration of the changes in European regulations designed to encourage sustainable transportation? You are in the right place then, welcome to the Maggiore’s sustainable fleet section!

A diverse range of ecological models that meet all your transportation needs is at your disposal:


The Guide to a Clean Future

Zero-emission cars are becoming the heart of our fleet, and are a sustainable alternative to traditional vehicles. This transition to electric and hybrid cars is a crucial step to reducing environmental impact. What’s more, Maggiore wants to embrace the principles of the circular economy. A fleet that is always new, car that undergo proper maintenance and a commitment to reducing waste, is our way of ensuring responsible management of resources.


The Future is Electric

The transition to sustainable car rental is a concrete reality. With growing environmental awareness and the need to reduce carbon emissions, Maggiore is striving to be a driving force for change towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Renting an electric car is more than just a trend; it is a fundamental step towards greener and more responsible mobility. Opting for an electric car or hybrid is not only a rational choice, but also a tangible contribution to building a better future for our planet.