Travel Companion

Travel Companion

Add Travel Companion to your booking when you pick up your car to stay connected while you travel at no extra charges, including free international calls, unlimited data traffic and a secure Wi-Fi hotspot.

And you also have tourist and audio guides and travel maps.

Travel Companion is easy-to-use and safe: when you drop off your car after the rental, all your data is cleared and deleted from the device by Maggiore staff’s, to guarantee your privacy.

What’s included?

Unlimited calls and data

  • unlimited national and international calls
  • unlimited 4G data package
  • Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 6 personal devices

Services for your rental

  • Maggiore section for roadside assistance, contacts and other dedicated tools

A Captivating travel experience

  • audio guides for all the main places and attractions
  • geo-localized points of interest including food and wine suggestions
  • travel tools (translator, currency exchange, emergency numbers, parking lots, etc.)
  • purchase tickets for museums, events and attractions