Baby seat

CSS-1579008633.3288.pngWe like to make all your trips peaceful and secure, especially if you have children on board.

That's why our accessories include baby seats by Eletta della Chicco, the maximum expression of comfort and safety. The wide, comfy, reclinable seat, perfect support for the head, sides, and legs, and a wedge support to keep your baby's vertebral column in the “lying down" position, ensure maximum protection at every stage of the journey. So if you ask for a baby seat, you'll find your car comes ready with a product for children that’s approved, and you won't need to bring anything from home.

Intuitive to install - Suitable for babies from 0 to 3 years old - Reclinable - Soft padding - Removable washable covers - Integrated infant reducer - Protective wedge support for vertebral column - Double certification: meets ECE R44/04 standard for groups 0+/1 (0-18 Kg).

Baby seats are only available from some offices and can be reserved online at the same time as renting the car.