Private Clients

If you are taking a trip, changing your job or relocating temporarily you may need a car for a fairly long period of time. Buying a car may be long-term commitment that is often very too expensive. In this case, the flexibility of a long-term car rental for private clients is the perfect solution!

The benefits are numerous: complete flexibility in the choice of the car and rental period, as well as a wide range of extra services to make your trip even more enjoyable.

Discover Maggiore’s long-term car rental solutions for private clients.

Nothing could be simpler with Maggiore Be Active, the new flexible car rental solution for rentals of several months at very competitive rates.

No deposit is required and there are no hidden terms. Maggiore Be Active places at your disposal a safe, controlled, sanitised car with insurance, road tax and maintenance costs included.

The rate also includes premium roadside assistance and the additional driver to give you complete peace of mind.

No penalty is applied if you decide to drop off the car earlier than expected.

But that’s not all: payment by credit card is quick and easy.

Maggiore’s Be Active solution is available in two versions for car rentals in Italy of at least 31 days.


  • Be Active Light

with 1500 km included

  • Be Active Extensive

with 3000 km included


Long-term car rental for your city

Do you already have a destination in mind? Find the car rental service for your city.

We have 150 agencies all over Italy. Book at airports, railway stations and in all the main Italian and European cities.


A complete fleet is waiting for you, with a wide range of cars for all your travel requirements. Our fleet includes Small and Compact cars that are perfect for city traffic, Sedans, Station Wagons, SUVs, for a comfortable trip and plenty of space for luggage, as well as Automatic and Select cars for special occasions. As well as the Hybrid or Electric cars, to getting around freely the city centre. Environmental-friendly and fast.


FAQ Long-term car rentals

How does long-term car rental work?

Long-term rental is an agreement between a person or company and the rental company, through which a vehicle is rented at a monthly rate that includes extra services such as standard and premium roadside assistance, and in the case of a breakdown, a replacement car will be supplied. The monthly rate includes administrative costs, so there is no deadline to remember, and at the end of the long-term rental contract the client returns the car.


Where can I get a long-term car rental?

At any of the 150 agencies throughout Italy published on the website You can rent a car close to railway stations, at airports or if you prefer in all the main cities. Find out more about our car rental agencies.


What are the benefits of long-term car rental with respect to a short-term car lease?

Long-term car rental is designed to offer many benefits with respect to other solutions such as leasing or buying a car: you can change your car often, with a different model and your car will always be new because you do not own the car, there is no price depreciation when you sell the car and you save on maintenance costs.


How do I arrange a long-term car rental?

Renting a car even for a long period is simple. All you do is choose the agency from which you wish to pick up your car, the model and one of Maggiore’s advantageous solutions. Then add the extra services of your choice and make the payment through the guaranteed secure online payment service. Then, pick up the car on the day of the rental.


What is the difference between long-term and short-term car rentals for private clients?

The difference between a long-term and short-term car rental is the rental period. With Maggiore you can rent a car for a long period of time or even book a short-term car rental. For rentals of over 90 days, please call our Reservations Centre on 199.151.120.