OneWay Car Rental

viaggio a lasciare

Do you want to pick up a car from one rental location and drop it off at another?

Maggiore makes one-way car hire easy, letting you plan your on-the-road holiday or business trip exactly as you please.

Book your pick-up in Genoa and set off on your fabulous journey from Cinque Terre to the Amalfi Coast, and then drop off the car in Naples, travelling home by train or plane.

Or plan a business trip with an early breakfast in Milan, an afternoon appointment in Venice, stopping along the way for a quick coffee at Lake Garda and then drop off the car at the end of the day at Verona airport.

Whether it’s a holiday or business trip, Maggiore is your ticket to ultimate travel freedom.

Go on holiday with a Maggiore rental car, and drop off the car in another city

If you want to plan a holiday exactly as you please, Maggiore's one-way car hire is the perfect choice.

Book your car in one city and drop it off in another, then set off to discover the infinite number of routes throughout Italy, travelling at your own pace. Have a look at our suggested road trips!

Pick-up and drop-off the car at any Maggiore rental office in Italy, including offices in city centres, airports, train stations and ports.

Nothing could be easier than planning your one-way trip, so book your car rental now.


Why not make your business trips more enjoyable?

With Maggiore's one-way car hire, travelling between business meetings on the Italian motorway network is truly a breeze, without the worry of waiting around at airports, on lost luggage or delayed trains.

Plan your business trips in Italy exactly as you please, and then drop off your Maggiore car in another city; it's as simple as that!

Book your one-way car rental now!


Maggiore's one-way car hire for sports holidays

Drop off the car in a different city: our one-way car hire allows you not only to travel from one end of Italy to another, but to travel without the thought of having to lug equipment onto planes, crowded buses and trains.

If you are a golfer looking for the most famous greens, an underwater diver who can't wait to dive into the deepest waters or a mountain climber looking for higher peaks, with a Maggiore car you can travel to the most beautiful places in Italy, starting your journey in one location and ending it at another.

Book the car that’s perfect for you now, with drop off in any another city of your choice.


Are you planning to relocate?

If you are relocating to another city and want to do it with a car that lets you take all your bulkiest personal belongings with you, Maggiore has the car for you.

Choose the perfect car and keep all your precious belongings with you, then drop off the car at destination.

Plan your move with a Maggiore car and drop off the car at a different destination at the end of your trip.


Terms and Conditions:

For car rentals with drop-off in a different city, the One-Way (OWF) supplement (i.e. intracity or from/to a different municipality with respect to the initial location or from/to Sicily) will be applied: please see Rental Rate List for full details.

One-way service is available throughout Italy, including railway stations and airports.