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Introducing the new online Personal Assistance area.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The maggiore.it website has a brand new, high value tool for our clients: we have just launched the new personal assistance area, designed to give quick, accurate answers to our customers' main questions, wherever you are and whenever you need.


The online Assistance section contains a summary of your rentals, as well as all the relative attachments such as your booking, rental contract and invoice. What's more, you can view and print all of these whenever you want.


The same section also sets out the answers to the main issues, from the charges shown on the invoice to fine notification charges or the regulations on filling up with petrol.


The new Maggiore online Assistance area offers us a new way to communicate with our clients, a tool for providing “one-to-one” support with high added value, with a wealth of information and services to help solve problems or clear up doubts in real time. If after receiving help from the site, the customer still needs more specific assistance, all they need to do is fill out the request form, which automatically opens a dossier which will be taken care of directly by Customer Services.